Photos/Videos: 2016 San Diego Comic Con – Master Post

Hey guys! Chloe and the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are at San Diego Comic Con promoting the series. I’m so excited!! Anyhow I’ve added photos to the gallery throughout the weekend so this will be the master post for images. Many have been replaced after they were added with larger versions. Also, you can find all comic con related videos and interviews below. Big thanks to my friends for their photo donations AliKat, Victoria, Carol, and Mary.

2016 San Diego Comic Con: Photos

July 22 – San Diego Comic Conimages from red carpet, signings, interview room, etc.
July 22 – San Diego Comic Con: Panelimages from ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Panel.
July 22 – San Diego Comic Con: IMDBimages of the cast at the IMDB Boat.
July 22 – San Diego Comic Con: Portraitsprofessional portraits from SDCC.
July 23 – San Diego Comic Conimages from red carpet, signings, interview room, etc.
July 23 – San Diego Comic Con: Sirius XMimages of the cast at Sirius XM Studios.
July 23 – San Diego Comic Con: EW Partyimages of Chloe at the EW Party.
July 23 – San Diego Comic Con: Portraits #1professional portraits from SDCC.
July 23 – San Diego Comic Con: Portraits #2professional portraits from SDCC.


2016 San Diego Comic Con: Videos

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Other Videos:
July 23 – San Diego Comic Con:Entertainment Tonight

Press: ‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 4: Chloe Bennet teases potentially darker Daisy

For fans of “Agents of SHIELD,” Tuesday is typically a night during the season where you’ve got a chance to check out some new episodes of the show. Unfortunately, that’s not happening again for a little while, but hopefully this latest bit of Daisy scoop will tide you over.

Through some of the second half of season 4, we saw some painful material for the character courtesy of the whole “Fallen Agent” arc, where she was forced to confront some of her demons and tackle some of the danger that existed out there for her in the world thanks to Hive. Without him, it’s going to put her in an interesting place, especially since there is a secret that she is keeping to herself. For more on that, just take a look at what Chloe Bennet said to Entertainment Weekly:

“Though Daisy is basically in a self-imposed exile at the moment, I have to wonder whether the team will find out she was ready to crawl back to Hive given the chance. ‘The two people who know she did that are both dead, so no one else knows.’ There must be a moment coming up in the next season where she reveals that. I think she feels like she can’t get close to people because wherever she goes, death follows. That hit home with her, especially this time.’ Bring on Dark Daisy!”

So where will this “Dark Daisy” story end? That’s one of the greatest mysteries, but not the only one given that there are questions surrounding the Director, and also to a certain extent who the new Big Bad on the show is going to even be in the wake of all that has transpired.

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Press: Agents of SHIELD’s Chloe Bennet: Why I Stopped Using My Chinese Last Name

Four years ago, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet was known professionally as Chloe Wang, aspiring actress and teenage dabbler in Shanghai pop stardom. In the states, however, Hollywood casting agents were less than welcoming.

At least until she changed her last name.

“Oh, the first audition I went on after I changed my name, I got booked,” Bennet tells The Daily Beast, in an interview timed to Marvel’s Women of Power month. “So that’s a pretty clear little snippet of how Hollywood works.”

That audition was for the role of Hailey, an office assistant on ABC’s Nashville. That same year, Bennet was cast as the lead in Marvel’s first cinematic universe TV show, the Joss Whedon-created SHIELD. Over three seasons, Skye, a headstrong young “hacktivist” who gets recruited by SHIELD and eventually discovers her real identity, the half-Inhuman Daisy Johnson (a.k.a. Quake), has evolved into what is still a rarity on TV: a superhero who happens to be both female and Asian-American.

“I wish people talked about that more,” Bennet says. “I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but when Supergirl came out, people were like, ‘This is the only superhero on TV that’s a female!’ And I was like, ‘Hold on! I’m pretty sure Daisy’s been here.’ And I also happen to be half-Chinese and I’m so proud of that.”

“I want to be clear because some of my Asian-American fans seem to think I did that [changed last names] because I didn’t want to known as Chinese, but it’s so the opposite,” she adds. “I just wanted to be known as me and let my personality define who I was, rather than my ethnicity.”

Bennet—who is loud and funny and blunt in conversation—then launches into her SHIELD audition story, told with a mixture of endearing self-loathing and pride.

“When we were down to seven girls [up for the role of Skye], it was this completely diverse group of girls I was up against. And it was really about who was right for the part,” she says. “We were testing and we came out of the room and I was up next and Joss Whedon was there and said, ‘Hi.’ I got kind of nervous and looked at him. He just looked really tired. And I was like, ‘You look like shit’—this right before I went in for my last audition.

“He started laughing and was like, ‘Well I am tired,’” she says, groaning at the memory. “And I was like, ‘I mean, you look tired in a good way, like you’re really busy! And accomplished!’ It was so Skye Season 1 that I think he was like, ‘Yup, that’s her.’”

Because of Marvel’s “cinematic universe” design, SHIELD takes place during the events of the comic book movie franchise’s big-screen exploits—meaning that whatever havoc the Avengers wreak in their city-smashing adventures has real-world consequences for the show’s on-the-ground SHIELD agents.

When Captain America: The Winter Soldier revealed that the evil Nazi organization HYDRA had been embedded within SHIELD since shortly after World War II, the show, whose entire first season built up to the events of Winter Soldier, took that and ran with it, spinning out two seasons of intrigue.

But while Marvel’s movies often affect the show, SHIELD’s narrative rarely bears weight on the big-budget blockbusters—even when the stories it’s telling should. In the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, for example, Marvel’s superheroes choose whether to submit to official government oversight, a measure (called the Sokovia Accords, the onscreen version of the comic books’ Superhero Registration Act) pushed on them by a United Nations panel.

Incorporating SHIELD’s ongoing Inhumans storyline would actually raise the stakes of the movie: the presence of hundreds if not thousands of undiscovered Inhumans (people with the ability to develop superpowers) would give governments extra incentive to push the Sokovia Accords on all superhumans. Recent interviews with Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo, however, indicate the directing duo are entirely unconcerned with what’s going on in the world of SHIELD.

“I think we’re all on the same page besides them,” Bennet says, sighing at the missed opportunity. “But they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do, and I’m really happy with our little show. We’ve been dealing with the topic of Civil War for a while now—at least, Daisy has. She’s a SHIELD agent but also a human and she’s completely torn.”

If Bennet had her way, of course, Civil War would bring certain SHIELD-specific changes to the Marvel universe: “I would like us to be put in the movie,” she laughs. “That would make sense. I would like the Avengers to find out that Agent Coulson’s still alive. And Daisy’s incredibly powerful. I think you’ll see toward the end of the season her strength as a character and a leader, and her power as a superhero really expands—I’m just saying, the Avengers could use our help, if they just asked.”

Marvel’s TV universe, in the meantime, continues to expand, with street-level heroes like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist getting their own Netflix shows. With the latter series’s casting announcement—revealing that Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones will be taking on the role of Danny Rand—a familiar refrain decrying the MCU’s lack of diversity reverberated across the Internet again.

When asked if she was among the thousands calling for the traditionally white Danny Rand—a kung fu master—to be played by an Asian actor, Bennet answers without missing a beat.

“One-hundred percent. I actually saw that [casting] news and I can’t lie, I was a little [disappointed],” she says, before breaking into laughter again. “I love Marvel, but…”

“I know they want to stay true to their characters but, you know, every female character in Marvel comics also has, like, triple-Z-sized boobs,” she reasons. “So if they cast actors based on the way characters look on the page, I don’t think even Scarlett Johansson—well, maybe Scarlett Johansson—would be in the movies.”

As for Marvel’s ever-expanding movie arm—which will feature its first character of color in a standalone film in 2018’s Black Panther—Bennet maintains there’s room for improvement there as well.
“I think they could do better,” she says. “You know, there are a lot of white guys named Chris. But I think they will, because it’s important. It’s the right thing to do. Marvel’s a smart company and I think they will represent their fans from around the world. They can take note from the way we’re going on the show, ‘cause we’re doing a pretty good job.”

In terms of gender dynamics, Bennet points out that “90 percent of the rescuing” done in SHIELD is by female characters and “90 percent” of the stunts are performed by women actors as well, including herself. Still, she’s anxiously awaiting her character Daisy’s introduction as a playable character in the Marvel mobile game Contest of Champions in the fall, for the sake of watching Quake in action minus the actual stunt work.

“I’m so stoked. My brother is so jealous,” she laughs. “I’m really excited to get to do all these stunts without actually getting hurt. I’m currently covered in bruises.”

Bruises never stopped a badass lady from rescuing those in need, of course. “[Our characters] don’t need any rescuing from men,” Bennet says. “We can handle ourselves very well, thank you.”

Press: ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ star Chloe Bennet wants her video game character to have realistic body

‘Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ actress Chloe Bennet with her video game avatar (Photo: Rachel Murray, Getty Images for Kabam)

Chloe Bennet is really stoked to have a video game character look just like her. But she really wants it to look like her.

The actress, who plays Quake/Agent Daisy Johnson on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, made sure that when Quake joined a video game like Marvel’s Contest of Champions, everything was, well, proportional.

“I actually kind of made a note that I wanted the boobs of my character to be not as big,” Bennet told USA TODAY in a recent phone interview. “Because they tend to in comics — I think the male artists get a little excited? And I just want young girls to know that you can be awesome and sexy without huge boobs. So I’m kind of excited to have that be some input to the game.”

This isn’t the first time that Bennet has had that particular note when it comes to her character taking on a life outside the TV show.

“I make that a note pretty often for our show,” she explained. “If they’re ever doing mockups I want to make sure that’s not what the focus is about and it’s about who the character is and her backstory and how well she can fight and how smart she is.”

The character is not making its debut in the game until this fall but the mock-up was revealed last week part of Marvel’s Women of Power initiative. And the cartoon Daisy Quake looks “awesome,” according to the actress.

What’s it like with a character in a video game that looks just like you, otherwise?

“I’m really stoked and excited. I’m very excited to get to fight and do stunts without getting injured. On set you definitely walk away with several bruises. So it will be fun to play the game and kind of be in the comfort of my own bed.”

Fair point.


Press: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Is there actually still hope for SkyeWard?

You would think that after the reveal that former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent-turned-über bad guy Ward (Brett Dalton) was actually a member of Hydra, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most controversial ‘ship would be put to rest. But here we are in season 3 and the SkyeWard fans just can’t seem to let go.

Let’s just get this first part out of the way: “Now she’s not Skye and he’s not Ward,” executive producer Jed Whedon says with a laugh.

Since the first season, Skye (Chloe Bennet) found her real family, transformed into an Inhuman and discovered that her name is actually Daisy Johnson, otherwise known as the Marvel superhero Quake. Ward, on the other hand, fell deeper down the rabbit hole of darkness, culminating in the cold-blooded assassination of Coulson’s (Clark Gregg) new lady friend Rosalind Price (Constance Zimmer), which in turn led to Ward’s death at the (super) hand of Coulson. To top that off, Ward’s body is now being inhabited by a weird Inhuman slug thing.

Now can we put SkyeWard to rest? “He has changed, but just as we saw with Will, there was still some of Will left in him,” Whedon says. “They’re both altered humans at this point. I don’t know. I feel like the chances are greater than ever.”

Despite that slim glimmer of hope, Whedon still insists that Ward — or whatever is left of him — probably isn’t on the path to redemption. “While he’s done terrible things, you have to want to be forgiven to be forgiven,” Whedon says. “I don’t know if that’s something he wants. By the same token, our team, their hands are dirtier than they’ve ever been.”

“The thing that’s so fun to me is that people are still talking about it,” Whedon continues. “Some of his actions at the end of this first half of the season, I can’t imagine how people still think that he’s going to be redeemed, but the fact that they’re still talking about it, that makes me super happy. We are such fans of his character and of Brett’s portrayal of it. We love the debate. We can’t believe it’s still going.”

Considering Daisy, née Skye, played such a big role in Ward’s life, could his memories of her draw Bizarro-Ward in? “It could be, that’s a good theory,” Whedon says. “We know that Will’s memories lived on, so some of that could carry. As I’m sure you have guessed, it’s going to get complicated. Spoiler alert, it’s going to get complicated.”

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns Tuesday, March 8 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


Press: ‘Supergirl’ and 10 Other Badass Women on TV

As CBS prepares to launch ‘Supergirl,’ THR takes a look at other strong women on the small screen.

Daisy Johnson
Agents of SHIELD

From rebel hacker to SHIELD agent to leader of the Secret Warriors team tasked with keeping Inhumans safe – both from themselves and the rest of the world – Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) journey to becoming the badass Daisy Johnson has been bumpy to say the least.

But she’s finally figured out her place in the world, and she’s hell bent on making sure the rest of her Inhuman brothers and sisters can feel that way too.

Don’t get her in way, unless you’re prepared to witness her Quake powers firsthand.
Source / See Full List